How to buy tramadol for different pain syndromes

In search of cheap painkillers, you need to know the classification and types of drugs. And also need to know the exact history of your illness – this will increase the efficiency of its removal.

For example, there is by Tramadol (Lannacher) and Nebilan (Lannacher). These are two different drugs, but with the same prefix (Lannacher).

Tramadol acts as an analgesic; and Nebilan is a drug for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Then you need to know in order not to confuse the drugs on their application.

There Tramadol ER and Tramadol IR; Their difference may be in the perception of the patient’s body, and the difference in dosage.

Some patients may not IR products may not be able to convert; ER – limitations in flexibility of dose selection, more detailed information on this site .

So a very important point when buying tramadol online or in the real pharmacy is choosing the right medication. I think it is not worth saving money when buying quality drugs, because it affects your health.

Pain syndromes are very different character: chronic, traumatic, and inflammatory; diseases associated with pain, must be precisely diagnosed.

Inflammatory pain, all the rest I will not list, let us discuss this. Many people are mistaken when feeling pain, flu, or other virus, when the error time is spent in vain, what not to do.

Make it exactly clear in what circumstances you need to take potent analgesic, will give you an example – the inflammation of the dental nerve:

Inflammation of the tooth nerve is inflammation of the whole pulp or pulpitis. Occurs it when the slurry fall pathogenic microbes (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Lactobacillus) and cause an inflammatory process with a very strong, sharp, pulsating pain, aggravated by mechanical pressure, temperature influences. Often pulpitis, goes beyond the tooth root and is complicated by periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontal tissues) or periostitis (inflammation of the periosteum, which is the tooth bed). To distinguish pure from pulpitis periodontitis is possible that when pulpitis gums, as a rule, not swollen, no purulent bag around the root of the tooth.

The main cause inflammation of the pulp and the tooth nerve, as we said, this ingress of external infection to the inner tissues of the tooth, which in the closed position is almost sterile. But how this infection gets there, ways can be a lot.

In this disease there is a very strong pain, people almost can’t stand it, in this case, you must take an analgesic may tramadol if you have no contraindications (special attention for people with cardiovascular disease – prohibited), accept a substitute. This viral bacterial severe pain. And you need to call the doctor.

Special attention should be paid to pain in different types of flu – pain symptoms are very similar to arthritis, osteochondrosis; other viral disease of unknown form of the disease who have severe pain – skeleton and internal organs. In any case, not to self-medicate as this can aggravate and considerably worsen the condition.

Unknown forms of diseases with a strong pain symptoms should be immediately diagnosed and treated in medical institutions. That would not do harm to themselves and others.

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The risk of heart attacks from the anesthetic is growing

Information was received that the permanent receive considerable doses of two quite popular types of anesthetic is (Diclofenac) and (Ibuprofen), can lead to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Such conclusions were made by British scientists from Oxford University, these conclusions they published together with details about the results of the research in the journal under the name (Lancet).


Researchers from the UK examined the medical card and the medical history of three hundred and fifty three thousand patients, who participated in the six hundred and thirty nine different medical tests. All patients received a day for at least 150 milligrams (Diclofenac) or 2400 milligrams (Ibuprofen).

Evidence about the danger to the cardiovascular system, painkillers, appeared before. That’s just exactly British researchers were able to analyse this question is particularly detailed and thoroughly, for the sake of the patients to make their own informed choice.

By results of research it became clear that among patients who anesthetic is not accepted, for the year, there were about eight cases of heart attack on a thousand subjects. Those same people who were forced to regularly take painkillers (Diclofenac) and (Ibuprofen), the number of attacks has increased od eleven registered cases per thousand patients.

Three people out of a thousand in one year may seem like a small figure, but patients need to understand the consequences and be of your own choice, said: Professor Colin Baigent, which is one of the researchers of this issue. Professor Colin Baigent said that after consultations with doctors, patients must decide whether to expose themselves to this risk and to continue to take painkillers, or it will be.

However, the researchers stressed the fact that short-term use of these drugs in appropriate doses, such as severe headache, is a completely safe and will not harm the cardiovascular system.

Moreover, the results of such research scientists are still quite cautious. Because really, it’s difficult to determine the frequency of attacks heart attack was caused by the side effects of these medicines, or it’s not. After all, most, pain medication accept people who have serious health problems. There is a possibility that the problem lies not in drugs, and in some circumstances disease patients.

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Associated problems when used control of medicines in people with excess weight.

What may have health problems when used to control drugs – obese people ie overweight ?


Most people with obesity and it has problems with the cardiovascular system is caused by overweight person that increases the work load of the heart. Due to the heavy load on cardiovascular system use control of drugs becomes very dangerous for human life. On the basis of world statistics of the third part of the population of the planet is obesity. Therefore, you should take the medicine below the prescribed dose, or replace it with a weak a similar product. Thus you can avoid problems, heart disease, and be sure to frequently visit the doctor, consult even by small minor malfunction of your heart. After all, people suffering from obesity are high-risk – (heart attack, stroke, unpredictable cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest), when used to control drugs. If a person experiences a complication, pain in left hypochondrium (feeling colic, or with a deep breath also felt the pain) then you do not take your medicine and strongly never increase your daily dose of drugs. To control drugs include: (Tramadol, Conzip, Ryzolt, Ultracet, Ultram; Fioricet, Xanax, Soma, Valium) and other preparations containing narcotic composition.

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Thai slimming


The problem of excess weight is impossible for most women, living on the planet Earth. Even exceptionally beautiful women dream to become even more beautiful. Lose weight quickly is the sense of life of most people, want to use a familiar favorite food and do not necessarily exercise.

Thai slimming offers this option to lose weight. It is considered, apparently, the most powerful and mysterious. A small part of the population knows exactly what is a part of the Thai tablets, everyone knows that when using this method of losing weight easily get a week of two pounds. This seeming simplicity of the solution for knowledgeable people seem afraid of absolutely accurate. Too quick and unnatural slimming clearly indicates subsequently quick set of extra kilograms.

The use of Thai weight loss in practice affects a huge stress for the organism, its endocrine system, has a negative effect on the heart, largely violate metabolism. Various advertising projects convince take Thai tablets, telling their effects on the body, weight loss occurs allegedly only deprivation of toxins in the body. Mysterious pills incomprehensible way deprived, uses them, appetite, reflect a sense of hunger, due to this rapid hunger strike. The attitude of the Thai tablets varies from suspicious to an enthusiastic. If you are a serious man, ‘t take nothing on faith, then definitely intrigued by the composition of this “wonder of the world”, you will not receive any clear answer, and if you get a truthful and honest answer, it will be terrible.

Thai losing weight to the reception tablets is based on applying only banned and harmful drugs affecting exclusively negatively on the human body. Included in the tablets preparations of class amphetamines provide psychostimulant action that in a very short time increases physical activity of a person and, consequently, significantly increases energy consumption. Application of the Thai tablets can be rightfully called the unconditional narcotic drug, its sale is strictly prohibited.

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Aluminum does harm Health


Equipment for application in a life, in which there is a part of aluminium is very injurious to health.

Aluminium is a part of: food, cosmetics (a lot), drugs, crockery, Windows, shutters.

By the way, do not avoid this fate and men, although they have a smaller quantity of the cosmetic means.

Among the diseases that encourage the use of cosmetics, scientists call asthma, cancer, inflammation of the mucous membranes, skin diseases. So, for example, the researchers were able to establish a correlation between the aluminum contained in various deodorants and breast cancer. Aluminum, from which, as you know, 90 percent is operating substance of the majority of the deodorant, accumulates in women in the outer tissue of the mammary glands. Significant dose of this substance were discovered by scientists in the tissues were subjected to amputation of the mammary glands cancer patients.

It should be noted that earlier scientists have already warned that, especially after shaving, skin of the armpits can absorb aluminum. And aluminium salts contained in most of the deodorant and antiperspirants hinder the allocation of sweat glands. The scientists have examined 17 people, each of whom were found to have significant concentration of aluminium in the area of armpits. And although the direct relationship of aluminium and cancer, it’s early days yet, but, according to the scientists who conducted the study and the data they are statistically significant and cannot be mere coincidence.

According to scientists, they will continue to study the relationship of the use of cosmetics and serious diseases, while also recommend for maintaining the beauty of the body to use accessories for beauty salons and the cosmetic proven manufacturers, as well as the natural means of hygiene.

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The countries of manufacturers of tramadol

The country’s producers pain medication tramadol.

Production of drugs in the world deletsyinto two categories:
1. Legal production.
2. Illegal production.
What the country can produce a tramadol by illegal means ?
Most of the countries which do not have a stable government, with a high level of corruption, the countries which are not included in the list of international agreements. These features include the countries of the second world, which is not specially engaged in the development of the economy, and public officials are big business.

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