Aluminum does harm Health


Equipment for application in a life, in which there is a part of aluminium is very injurious to health.

Aluminium is a part of: food, cosmetics (a lot), drugs, crockery, Windows, shutters.

By the way, do not avoid this fate and men, although they have a smaller quantity of the cosmetic means.

Among the diseases that encourage the use of cosmetics, scientists call asthma, cancer, inflammation of the mucous membranes, skin diseases. So, for example, the researchers were able to establish a correlation between the aluminum contained in various deodorants and breast cancer. Aluminum, from which, as you know, 90 percent is operating substance of the majority of the deodorant, accumulates in women in the outer tissue of the mammary glands. Significant dose of this substance were discovered by scientists in the tissues were subjected to amputation of the mammary glands cancer patients.

It should be noted that earlier scientists have already warned that, especially after shaving, skin of the armpits can absorb aluminum. And aluminium salts contained in most of the deodorant and antiperspirants hinder the allocation of sweat glands. The scientists have examined 17 people, each of whom were found to have significant concentration of aluminium in the area of armpits. And although the direct relationship of aluminium and cancer, it’s early days yet, but, according to the scientists who conducted the study and the data they are statistically significant and cannot be mere coincidence.

According to scientists, they will continue to study the relationship of the use of cosmetics and serious diseases, while also recommend for maintaining the beauty of the body to use accessories for beauty salons and the cosmetic proven manufacturers, as well as the natural means of hygiene.

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