Associated problems when used control of medicines in people with excess weight.

What may have health problems when used to control drugs – obese people ie overweight ?


Most people with obesity and it has problems with the cardiovascular system is caused by overweight person that increases the work load of the heart. Due to the heavy load on cardiovascular system use control of drugs becomes very dangerous for human life. On the basis of world statistics of the third part of the population of the planet is obesity. Therefore, you should take the medicine below the prescribed dose, or replace it with a weak a similar product. Thus you can avoid problems, heart disease, and be sure to frequently visit the doctor, consult even by small minor malfunction of your heart. After all, people suffering from obesity are high-risk – (heart attack, stroke, unpredictable cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest), when used to control drugs. If a person experiences a complication, pain in left hypochondrium (feeling colic, or with a deep breath also felt the pain) then you do not take your medicine and strongly never increase your daily dose of drugs. To control drugs include: (Tramadol, Conzip, Ryzolt, Ultracet, Ultram; Fioricet, Xanax, Soma, Valium) and other preparations containing narcotic composition.

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