The risk of heart attacks from the anesthetic is growing

Information was received that the permanent receive considerable doses of two quite popular types of anesthetic is (Diclofenac) and (Ibuprofen), can lead to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Such conclusions were made by British scientists from Oxford University, these conclusions they published together with details about the results of the research in the journal under the name (Lancet).


Researchers from the UK examined the medical card and the medical history of three hundred and fifty three thousand patients, who participated in the six hundred and thirty nine different medical tests. All patients received a day for at least 150 milligrams (Diclofenac) or 2400 milligrams (Ibuprofen).

Evidence about the danger to the cardiovascular system, painkillers, appeared before. That’s just exactly British researchers were able to analyse this question is particularly detailed and thoroughly, for the sake of the patients to make their own informed choice.

By results of research it became clear that among patients who anesthetic is not accepted, for the year, there were about eight cases of heart attack on a thousand subjects. Those same people who were forced to regularly take painkillers (Diclofenac) and (Ibuprofen), the number of attacks has increased od eleven registered cases per thousand patients.

Three people out of a thousand in one year may seem like a small figure, but patients need to understand the consequences and be of your own choice, said: Professor Colin Baigent, which is one of the researchers of this issue. Professor Colin Baigent said that after consultations with doctors, patients must decide whether to expose themselves to this risk and to continue to take painkillers, or it will be.

However, the researchers stressed the fact that short-term use of these drugs in appropriate doses, such as severe headache, is a completely safe and will not harm the cardiovascular system.

Moreover, the results of such research scientists are still quite cautious. Because really, it’s difficult to determine the frequency of attacks heart attack was caused by the side effects of these medicines, or it’s not. After all, most, pain medication accept people who have serious health problems. There is a possibility that the problem lies not in drugs, and in some circumstances disease patients.

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