Avian Influenza

What is avian influenza ? This is a serious disease that affects birds and then people. It stimulates the H5N1 virus, causing complex symptoms: difficulty breathing, lesions of the digestive system, as well as high mortality rates. This virus is especially dangerous, because it is too quickly infect people and too rapidly changing, why all routine vaccines are useless.

It was first opened by the Italian vet Perroncito in 1878. He called it chicken flu, and later the disease was dubbed the chicken plague because of its strong prevalence. The scientist concluded that the disease is a viral nature. The virus called Influenza virus A, and applies it to the influenza viruses, because it has similar structure and antigenic set. Then the Italian did not know how dangerous this virus is and how many people he can hit.

When doctors invented a vaccine against bird flu, they were included 16 different kinds of formula hemagglutinin, which is denoted by the letter N, and 9 different neuraminidase, which are denoted by the letter N in the formula of this virus.

All combinations of avian influenza a whopping 144, because it is divided into subtypes. The most dangerous types of viruses for birds – H7 and H5. The virus is very sensitive to the external environment and dies, if you handle surface germicidal solution, even in small quantities. But in a cool environment, the virus lives longer.

It is inside birds, often wild and mostly ducks. They have this type of virus resistant immunity. But if they infect you with a virus of domestic ducks or chickens, those die very quickly.

Among the most common combinations of avian influenza A/H5N1. Projected medical experts, this virus can cause a pandemic around the globe. Strain this very virulent, that is capable of very widely distributed. If a person is in contact with sick poultry or meat, it can become infected with avian influenza. Particularly dangerous strain of the flu in combination with other human and pork, then the strain of influenza varies and becomes particularly cunning.

The first cases of avian influenza to the public it became known in 1997 in Hong Kong. Then the number of deaths has reached more than 60%. Those people who have manifestations of the disease were weak, did not go to doctors, or the percentage of deceased patients would have been even higher. The most vulnerable region of the spread of avian influenza was Southeast Asia.

Compared with conventional influenza percentage incidence of avian influenza, of course, much lower, but mutation of this virus causes serious concern among scientists. Its possible pandemic compared to the infamous “Spanish flu”, which disturbed the whole world in 1918-1919 year. Then because of this virus has killed up to 100 million people.

There are speculations of scientists that avian flu may cause a new pandemic, which may be the culprit more than 150 million deaths throughout the world. Therefore, vaccination against seasonal flu every year – logical protection against avian influenza since the specific vaccine had yet to be invented.


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