Bird flu symptoms in humans

Avian influenza is an infectious viral disease of birds caused by different viruses. Most of these infections are not able to infect people, but such as for example the type H5N1 can cause severe effects in humans, from now until death.

Patients diagnosed with avian influenza caused by H5N1 virus, runs extremely aggressive, rapid deterioration of the General condition and the possibility of death is very high. This type of virus is poorly understood in humans, like other new diseases.

Bird flu symptoms in humans

The incubation period of avian influenza can be quite long, and take longer than normal flu. Available evidence suggests that the incubation period of this type of influenza can be up to 17 days. At the moment the average length of the incubation period, adopted by the who, is 7 days.

When diagnosed with bird flu symptoms in humans can be the following:
*Increased body temperature over 38°C;
*Flu-like symptoms, common to human disease;
*In some cases, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the chest and in the abdomen, bleeding from the gums and nose;
*Symptoms lower respiratory tract infections in the early stages of the disease;
*Shortness of breath after about five days after occurrence of the first symptoms of the disease;
*Pain in the muscles;
*Hoarse voice, respiratory distress, “gurgling” sounds during breathing;
*Select colored or bloody secretions when coughing up.

More than half of all laboratory and clinically-confirmed cases were fatal.
Prevention of avian influenza:

From all types of avian influenza that circulate among these animals, for man is the most dangerous H5N1. Data about this disease suggest that it is harmful to human life. To catch people can in close contact with alive or dead infected birds or their droppings. There is no evidence that you can become infected from infected or ill with this virus people. Therefore, the claim that travel to countries where outbreaks of avian influenza among humans, dangerous mistake. If only one does not have to visit the markets with live poultry or companion bird meat, which can be infected by the virus H5N1. Therefore, prevention of avian influenza is the lack of contact with potentially infected birds.


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