Symptoms of avian influenza in birds

As soon as the virus will infect poultry, the disease can be carried in a latent form from 20 to 48 hours. The bird appears highly visible lethargy, bad bird lays eggs, a lot of drinking. Feathers sick birds stick out in different directions, her eyes were red. From beak stands out the liquid, and before the bird will die, her blue earrings and a crest. These symptoms can join cramps and unstable gait.

Symptoms of avian influenza in birds

When sick with the flu the bird opened, the doctors noticed her bleeding in the respiratory tract and the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, and the liver and kidneys.

In birds, flu can cause 15 subtypes of the virus, but the high pathogenicity have the subtype H5N1. Carriers of avian influenza are wild ducks and other birds. Avian flu is especially dangerous for parrots contained in outdoor enclosures. Avian influenza in birds occurs in two forms: weak and heavy.

The symptoms are mild form of avian influenza: a reduction in egg production; lethargy; poor appetite; brittleness and loss of feathers.

Avian flu is extremely dangerous and very quickly. In addition, the carriers of the disease are rats.

Unfortunately, to cure such birds is impossible – they die. In order not to infect other birds and people, the sick bird flu destroy individuals.


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