Influence of radiation on human body

Influence of radiation on living organism induces in it various current and non-current biological changes. And these changes fall into two categories – physical, caused directly from the person and genetic arising from the descendants. The severity of the effects of radiation on the human body depends on how does this impact immediately or in portions. Most of the bodies have time to recover, so they are better able to survive a series of short doses, compared with the same total dose at one time. As stated above, the reaction of the various organs of the radiation is not identical – red bone marrow and hematopoietic organs of the system, the reproductive organs and bodies of view, the most vulnerable. Note also that children are more susceptible to radiation than an adult. Most of the bodies of the adult person is not susceptible to such radiation is the kidney, liver, bladder, cartilage tissue. Next, for the example is shown sorry organism from a one-time effects of gamma radiation.


1) One-time effect of gamma radiation 100 SV death in few hours or days due to the damage of the Central nervous system.
2) 10-50 SV death occurs within one to two weeks due to internal bleeding.
3) 4-5 SV 50% of irradiated dies within one to two months due to failure of bone marrow cells.
4) 1 SV lower level of development of radiation sickness.
5) 0,75 short-term slight changes in the composition of blood.
6) 0,30 irradiation with x-rays of the stomach (one-time).
7) 0,25 valid accidental exposure of personnel (full Board).
8) 0,1 valid accidental exposure of the population (one-time).
9) 0,05 allowable exposure of personnel in normal conditions for an hour.
10) 0,005 valid the exposure of the population in normal conditions during the year.


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