Nitrates – Products – Human

In all countries received wide application of various chemical and natural compounds in order to prolong the shelf life of products, accelerating technology of production and improve the quality of food. These connections are called food supplements. Nitrites and nitrates – are part of the food additives.


The food contains a large number of biologically active substances, characterizing the nutritional value of products (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), as well as various chemical pollutants: toxic elements, nitrates, nitrites, nitroso compounds, mycotoxins, pesticides.

The concentration of these chemicals in products may be safe for humans and dangerous. As mentioned earlier, nitrates and dangerous for human health. However, 80 % of them are in the human organism with food, mainly from the plant. Nitrates assimilate in different parts of plants.

The greatest amount of nitrates and nitrates accumulated in plant foods, and they are the main source of nitrates in the human organism.

The toxic effect of nitrate is hypoxia (oxygen starvation of tissues), is developing a result of violation of oxygen transport in the blood, as well as inhibition of the activity of enzyme systems, involved in the processes of tissue respiration.

The nitrate intoxication has a mechanism of: infringement of processes of oxidative phosphorylation, caused by the action of the nitrates and nitrites. The result is high levels of methemoglobin in the blood, development of cyanosis.

When you increase the action of nitrates in the body develops hypoxia.

The most pronounced hypoxia state in such tissues of the body where there is intensive division of cells that results embryotoxic, teratogenic effects of nitrates.


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