Pesticides and Chemicals impact on human

In recent years, has faced the issue of the application of pesticides and agrochemicals in agriculture and impact study their impact on nature and human health.


According to the world health organization in the world annually more than 1.5 million cases of poisonings of people pesticides. The greatest degree of influence of these substances, according to experts, is the most vulnerable part of the rural population and the urban population with low income, women, children.


Pose a significant ecological and hygienic problem, because increase the risk of disease of the entire population, including children. Scientists proved a reliable link between the intensity of use of pesticides and increased morbidity of children, including cases of congenital anomalies. The literature shows a sensitivity of the young organism to the effects of pesticides, especially early in life. As the results of epidemiological studies, under the influence of pesticides increased frequency of diseases such as chronic otitis, pharyngitis, diseases of tonsils and adenoids, bronchial asthma, nephritis, nephrosis, congenital anomalies of the heart and circulation.


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