Virus Ebola

70% of those infected with Virus Ebola die!!!

According to a new study by the world health organization, Virus Ebola (viral disease) 70% of all infected with the Case died, although previously reported mortality at the level of 50%. Who said that the outbreak has already killed 2,800 people, but the disease remains a threat to international level. Scientists say that morbidity can grow geometrically, increasing the risk of turning sickness endemic in West Africa. Almost all of the deaths in the largest outbreak of Ebola in the world occurred in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Virus Ebola

According to Dr. Christopher Mae – co-author of the latest research is now necessary to pay attention to the insulation of the places where outbreaks of, to improve the quality of care and access to clinical support, it also requires more active participation and support from international partners, according to service Bi-bi-si. Dr. Dai warned, if you do not accept these measures as quickly as possible, in these three countries will report thousands of new cases and deaths weekly.

The worst disease of this type is that they cannot quickly find a cure to heal the sick. This factor is sowing panic among the population of the contaminated territories and exacerbates control.


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