In Spain, will form a special Committee to deal with Ebola

The Spanish government ordered to create a special Committee to deal with the Ebola virus.

Related initiatives were made by the Deputy of the Spanish Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria. The Committee on the fight against Ebola will include representatives of the Ministry of defense, Ministry of internal Affairs, Ministry of economy, Ministry of justice and the office of the President, as well as scientists in the field of Virology. Will head the Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of Spain. “The Committee is not fixed. We can attract more people, more experts,” said Santamaria.

Deputy Chairman of the Spanish government reported that one of the tasks of the Committee will prepare reports to inform the public about the spread of the disease.

This decision was taken 5 days after the country was recorded the first case of infection with Ebola virus.

A nurse at a hospital in Madrid contracted the virus after contact with the patient, who carried out missionary work with the victims of this disease in Sierra Leone.

In Austria died woman – perhaps from the Ebola virus.

In Austria died a woman who may have been infected with the Ebola virus. She was found dead in a house in Tyrol after she returned from Nigeria.

However, the local Austrian sanitary-epidemiological service not sure that the woman died from Ebola. The publication writes that “the 48-year-old Briton August 12, returned from a trip to Africa, and the risk of disease minimal.”

At the same time, representatives of the international organization “Doctors without borders” reported that the dust of the women took over the investigation, and soon the results will be.

At the same time the President of the organization Joan Liu said that the Ebola virus is spreading very fast. “The situation is very critical and rapidly evolving contrary to forecasts,” said the President of “Doctors without borders”.


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