In the United States registered the first case of the disease Ebola

Infected felt ill after returning from Liberia.

In the United States registered the first official case of disease Ebola, from which the die 70% of those infected. The patient, whose name was not released, was placed in infectious insulator in Dallas, Texas. Allegedly, the man was infected during a trip to Liberia, but the first symptoms appeared only after his arrival in the United States.

Us President Barack Obama called the outbreak of Ebola “threat to global security”. The United States intends to send about three thousand soldiers in Liberia to help in the fight against the epidemic.

Ebola U.S.
In the United States began trials of a vaccine against the deadly Ebola.

The basis for vaccines took a modified cold virus primates.

Trials of an experimental vaccine against the deadly disease caused by the Ebola virus, which emerged from the jungle, start at Oxford. The vaccine will be introduced 60 healthy volunteers. If the results of the experiment will be successful, the drug could be used for immunization of health workers in the areas of propagation of the virus in late 2014. By this time, will be released about 10 thousand doses of vaccine. The basis for the vaccine was taken a modified cold virus, common in primates. It contains only one protein of Ebola virus, so it cannot cause disease, but will start the process of developing antibodies to the virus in the body of a volunteer. The blood of volunteers will show what will be immune reaction to the vaccine within two to four weeks. In October, vaccinations will also be made to the volunteers from Africa. In parallel in the United States continue the test of the drug of a different composition. The results of tests on animals, published in early September, doctors gave hope for the successful application of the vaccine in humans.

The U.S. plans to invest in West African countries detachment of 3,000 soldiers and medics for the construction of health posts and training of health personnel. According to official data, the number of victims of Ebola in Western Africa exceeds 2,400.


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